Hope In Church Revitalization

This past November was the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference in Orlando Florida. During this time, we learned different ways to improve and help the churches which are plateaued and declining. Many people left the conference rejuvenated and ready to continue forward, as for myself, I came out of the conference with a deep since of hope.

Hope is an important part of our lives and ministries. When it comes to the church, everyone should hope that their church will be the lighthouse for Christ in their communities.  Unfortunately, we are living in the time where most churches just hope they can keep their doors open one more Sunday.

I’m here to tell you there is hope for your church.  At some point in history a group of believers came together and started your church. These men and woman felt the call to start the church and the truth of the matter is, God wanted that church right there in that location.

This is the hope that you should have. The knowledge that God appointed your church for His purpose for that community.

By having and believing in this knowledge, you now have a mission for the future. If your church is running less than 100 a week, welcome to the club. This is common for many churches in American. It can hard to be the pastor of one of these churches, but this is not a reason to give up. In fact, it is the reason to keep going. You do not need to wait until the church is dead before bringing in a church planter or someone to start something new. You can bring your church back to life now!!!

Every church is different and the reason your church needs be revitalized is unknown to me. Churches hit rough spots in their lives, but the church needs to know there is hope. If your church is pushing 100 or has 7 people each Sunday, there is still hope that it will be the lighthouse it needs to be for Christ.

There are a large number of unsaved people around your community. The job of the church is to reach these people. Remember, God placed your church in its community for a reason.

Know your church. Know your community. Know your church’s issues. Know your church’s strengths. Never give up hope on God and His will. Be faithful and fulfill your ministry and your church will be renewed by God.

This is your hope.


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